When you stop to think about it – the story of salvation is pretty insane (at least from our human perspective).

The omnipotent creator of the universe wants to give us a gift. And, not just any gift, but the gift of salvation and eternity spent with Him in complete happiness and joy. And, God wants us to have this gift so bad that He sent His only son to suffer and die for us, so that we might have it. He gives us neverending help and grace, forgives our sins, loves us no matter what, and always welcomes us into Him. The almighty God desperately wants to give us the gift of salvation – and if that doesn’t baffle you, there’s one last bit.

The craziest part of all of this – we can say no.

The all-powerful God can be turned down by us.

It seems a little ridiculous. Humans aren’t beings with infinite power, but we have the power to choose – a free will to choose God or not. As we can see in our world, free will is a very powerful and sometimes dangerous thing. Why would God give reckless, irrational creatures such power?

Because, if we can’t say no, then our yes means nothing.

Love is a choice to surrender everything to God. Surrender implies that you could have done something else like trying to run away or putting up a fight. We’re choosing to say “thy will be done,” not “my will be done.”


Be the Men.

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