So anyone who attended Catholic grade school probably remembers writing JMJ at the top of pretty much everything. JMJ of course standing for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

As kids, or newcomers to the faith, of course we would put particular emphasis on these three: the Holy Family. There’s a reason they’re the ones whose statues we see in most churches. It’s THE Holy Family.  

It goes without saying that Jesus should be front and center, and the Blessed Virgin will always hold a special place in the hearts of the faithful. But when it comes to the Saints, we can sometimes fall into the habit of thinking that ‘the latest is the greatest.’ And, that’s not at all to discount saints of recent times, but we cannot forget or brush off St. Joseph. 

Let’s be honest here: sometimes it’s hard to identify with a religious sister who lived in a French convent, or a missionary who served the diseased in a developing country. But, in St. Joseph we have a Saint we can identify with. We have a man’s man, a carpenter, a husband, a father, provider and protector of the Holy Family. And, not only that, but we have a man of perfect virtue. 

Who better to look to as a role model and intercessor for our families. 

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