Ash Wednesday is two days away, and before we begin our Lenten journey, it’s important to reflect on the destination. What’s our goal? Where do we want to be in 40+ days?


As we said last week, Lent is a season of purification and enlightenment. Purging the bad, and adding the good. Cutting fat and building muscle. Removing the things that keep us from Christ and embracing the things that will draw us closer to Him.


To put it simply, at the end of Lent we want to have grown in Virtue and in Sanctity. We want to be Better men and Holier Christians.


The Church’s liturgical calendar has this ebb and flow that guides us. There are times of celebration, often preceded by times of purification. This season can be very challenging for us, but it’s an opportunity to change. An opportunity to join our brothers and sisters in the journey to Christ.


So, when we’re reflecting and praying about this upcoming season, and the three areas we want to grow in (Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving), let’s keep in mind where we want to be and who we want to be. And, remember that the journey doesn’t end with Lent. It continues for the rest of our lives.


Don’t just coast through this Lent. Be purified. Be enlightened. Grow in Virtue and Sanctity.


Be the Men.