One of the beautiful mysteries of our faith is the union between the physical and the spiritual. Our own persons reflect this – we are body and soul. St. Francis De Sales describes these as two ‘kinds of life’ that in many ways can be killed. Physical hurt can damage our body and sin can damage our soul. But, St. Francis also offers a third ‘kind of life’ for us as humans: social life.

We have three kinds of life: spiritual, which consists in God’s grace, corporeal, which depends on the body and soul, and social, which consists in our good name. Sin deprives us of the first kind of life, death takes away the second, and slander the third. By a single stroke of his tongue, the slanderer usually commits three murders. He kills his own soul and the soul of anyone who hears him by an act of spiritual homicide and takes away the social life of the man he slanders.”

We’re reminded here of the severity of our words and the destruction of slander. What we say matters, for ourselves and others.

It’s worth our consideration – Do we willingly or unwillingly destroy the good names of others? What are we doing to protect our own good name?


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