A few years ago, we had moved to a new town so that meant we had to find a new dentist.

We found one, I don’t remember how, maybe they had a Groupon or something. Long story short, it was the worst dentist experience of my life. Part of it was the dentist, but part of it was me as well. I hadn’t kept up with the health of my teeth the way I should, and I paid for it.

Walking out of there, I said – never again. I immediately went to the story and bought an electric toothbrush, and a massive bag of floss picks. And since then – I don’t go a day without properly taking care of my teeth.

Now, I don’t share this just to brag about my dental hygiene. But to highlight, for me – that was the breaking point. I knew that if it was time to change my habits, to suck it up to do what was necessary to make myself healthier.

Flossing was something that I knew was good for me, but I lacked the commitment to actually do it. But, it was always glaring me in the face that I should be doing it.

What’s glaring us in the face? And, no I’m not talking about flossing. Is it going to Sunday Mass? Praying daily? Reading the Bible?

What’s the one thing that deep down we know is good for us but we lack the conviction to do it?


Be the Men,


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