Following Christ is more than just showing up. It’s more than just attending Mass. It’s creating in ourselves fertile ground for God to work, for Him to bear fruit.

When we see practicing the faith as only checking off boxes, we miss this. Our souls are left dry and our hearts hardened.

Of course, God can bring goodness out of anything, but he wants our help, he wants us to be play a part.

Thus, we must create the environment in our lives for the grace of God to work.

We must pull the weeds, purging ourselves through discipline, prayer, fasting, penance. And then, nourish the soil of our soul with the sacraments, scripture, and quality ‘food.’

This is a conscious effort. It’s active, not passive. We must pray for God to work in us, that we can be open to receive Him, to bear fruit, and reap the harvest.


Be the Men,


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