Many of us have probably heard the metaphor of our lives being like a block of stone or marble and God is the sculptor turning our lives into His masterpiece.

It’s a beautiful and fitting metaphor for us. God has a plan. He uses the slightest changes to fulfill His vision. He can see what the block could become, He can see the big picture. As the block of stone, we can only see where we’ve been, and even that is hard to put into perspective.

Using this metaphor, the irony is that we as the sculpture, so often are dissatisfied with the direction the Sculptor is taking. We complain that it’s all wrong, that our plan is better. Or that we can improve God’s plan, and we don’t need the Sculptor to turn our own lives into a masterpiece.

How wrong we are. God is the one who doesn’t need us. He doesn’t need our help, He could do it all on His own. But, (and this is a big but here), God wants our help. He wants to work with us, to be a part of our lives, and for us to be a part of His.

It takes a relationship, and it takes trust in God. We only see a fraction of a fraction of the big picture. We can’t see where this work of art is going. But, we can trust in God and His power to use all things for His glory.

Be the Men,


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