Last week, a Pennsylvania Grand Jury released a report outlining decades of sexual abuse and cover up in the Church.

There are no two ways about it – these are dark times for our Church. There are a lot of things that have been said, but I wanted to share just a bit of my own reflection on the matter.

As I was sitting in Mass yesterday, I heard a single word that really struck me. That word was demoralizing.

We might think of the expression a demoralizing defeat, a crippling loss, a heavy blow. And, I don’t disagree that this most recent ‘scandal’ certainly seems demoralizing.

But in reflecting on this word and where we go from here, I can’t help but think that hope is not lost.

Despite how it may seem that the moral authority of the Church is a thing of the past, we must remember that the moral teaching of the Church didn’t fail us. The Gospel didn’t fail us. Christ didn’t fail us.

People failed. We failed.

And from this failure, there are a couple ways we can go.

We could walk away. Some people have and others will choose this route – but we must recognize that this path leads further into darkness.

The alternative is then to turn toward the light, to Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. And, that doesn’t change because of what some men say or do.

Are these difficult and dark times? Yes. Have some things changed? Yes. Is there more to be done? Yes.


But as we walk this journey of healing, let us not forget to turn our gaze inward, to grow in virtue, to build character, and invite Christ deeper into our own lives.

God can bring goodness out of evil. Let us be instruments for that goodness in our Church and in the world.


Be the men,



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